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  2. hazelshaw:

    I wonder if those people are still a fan of John’s today

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    RDJ, honey, the reason they don’t let you take props home is they’re worried you’d start wandering around in public wearing the Iron Man armor.

    ^Reblogging because that comment is absolutely true^

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  4. myheartbeatsforhummus:

    This post is eveeeeeeeerything

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  6. thatfunnyblog:

    Without his moustache.

    That is just so inexplicably wrong


  7. mostlyfiction:

    I promise to love
    every piece of you,
    all of the parts
    that you have swore
    to yourself that
    someday you will
    fix, that someday
    you will try to
    love yourself.


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  9. bingedrunk:

    when straight people talk to gays

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