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  3. How I’d love to get away from here and be someone else for a while in a place where no-one knows or expects certain things from me.
    — Libba Bray (via onlinecounsellingcollege)

  4. apatheticghost:

    Misogynists HATE her! Local woman is woman

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  5. heliolisk:

    bad people shouldnt be allowed to have clear skin or good hair or nice jaw lines or green eyes

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  7. writingsforwinter:

    Maybe when you were a child your father always shook down the wasp nest

    or took to it with a bat until it exploded into Northern Lights.

    And most people assumed it would always be your father doing that,

    were never able to see how your mother already was:



  8. poorhornycat:


    Somebody tried to stump this squid by putting it in front of a background that its camouflage mechanisms could never hope to imitate…

    So it turned itself transparent.

    stick it to the man, Squid.

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  10. halaalpussy:



    do u ever just want to punch the world in the face

    But it’s not about race, right America?

    Lets not ignore the gender element as well

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